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Sunday Classes

Lessons are communicated to the children through demonstration & practical application and are effectively taught in a manner they can apply to their lives...mixed with a little humor & a lot of fun!

Classes are broken down by grade level.

  • Preschool & Kindergarten
  • Grades 1 & 2
  • Grades 3 & 4
  • Grades 5 & 6

Puppet Ministry

Prior to meeting in a class setting, children in grades Preschool - 6th grade are dismissed to the fellowship hall for a fun-filled, large group, interactive time with Rovercomer the Dog, Fast Freddie, Deputy Dugan, Toby, the Green Family & more.

Wednesday Activities

Kid's Connection

Meets every Wednesday evening at 8:00P.M. to deepen the understanding of what was taught on Sunday through funny, exaggerated illustration and practical life situations, while the children become participants in the Word of God. Children gather in the following age groups:

  • Preschool & Kindergarten
  • Grades 1 - 3
  • Grades 4 - 6

Children's Choir

Meets for rehearsals during Wednesday services. Children in grades Preschool - 6th grade perform several staged musical productions throughout the year to sing praises to the Lord and to touch the heart of all in attendance.


The purpose of our Nursery Ministry is to:

  • Provide a safe and secure environment for infants and toddlers ages 6 weeks to 3 years old.
  • Care for these children physically, socially, and spiritually while their parents are being fed the Word of God.
  • Gently teach them, at a level they can understand, Who Jesus is, What Jesus is, and Why Jesus is.

In the process, it is our hope that they develop a sense of belonging and worth.

The Nursery Ministry of Living Word Christian Church aids and assists families in bringing up their children "in the way they should go." (Proverbs 22:6)


Nursery services are available at every regular church service. The nursery opens 10 minutes prior to each service, and closes 10 minutes following the service. The infants and toddlers are divided into two age groups.

  • Nursery 1: Ages 6 weeks to 18 months
  • Nursery 2: Ages 18 months to 3 years
    (not potty trained)

When children are signed in, the parent is given a numberd card, which will be needed for identification and security when the child is picked up. If a parent needs to be contacted during a service, the number assigned their child will be displayed near the projection screens in the sanctuary and overflow area.


To maximize the safety and security of each child, background checks are done on all nursery staff. Staff members have been extensively trained in ministering to infants and caring for their physical needs. We strive to provide each child with the best possible care.

Vacation Bible School

A phenomenal, supernatural outreach to children (ages Preschool - 6th grade) in our region to hear the simple message that Jesus Christ in Lord & other Biblical truths relevant to their lives. During summer vacation.

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